Posted by: emapey | September 27, 2009

Why do I Appreciate so Much a Delicious Bookmark Sent to Me?

When I receive a direct bookmark in my Delicious Inbox from someone in my Delicious network I feel honored because I know my fan was thinking about me. My fan knows which are the topics I am more interested in and has decided that the bookmark will be really useful to me. My fan wants to alert me and make sure I read the bookmark!! We are communicating with each other.

I would like to give thanks to Laura Malita and Gabriela Grosseck who are my 2 Delicious fans who have sent to me (send) most bookmarks I have received, so far, directly in my Delicious Inbox

I would also like also to give thanks to to my friend Luz Pearson. When she asked me, Why do you like so much Delicious bookmarks sent to you? she inspired me to write this post.

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  1. Thanks Eduardo for including me in the A-list of your delicious fans.

    As one of my first digital contact I can only be grateful to you in making me an online sapiens persona!


  2. Dear Eduardo:

    Have you ever tried Diigo? I changed my delicious account some years ago and now I became addicted to Diigo.

    I would love to have you as a friend.
    Warm regards

  3. Yes Jennifer. I am

  4. Hi Eduardo,
    Thank you for your post and my mention on it. Likewise, I always appreciate your Delicious message sent to me.

  5. It´s like opnening presents!

  6. Exactly Luz!!

  7. I still think Diigo has a long way .. Because of the extension that doesn’t work very well and the site that is much more difficult to grasp than the simple delicious ui ..

  8. Dear Eduardo,
    even I recognize the power of Diigo, I am a totally fan of Delicious. Maybe because I have establish already a network, or because I am a conservatory person, I don’t know. I have a Diigo account too, but I used it only from time to time.
    Happy bookmarks,

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