Posted by: emapey | September 29, 2011

How to Use a Diigo Group to Teach an Online Course Using Blogs, like POTCERT11

Usually Diigo Goups used for online courses are a collection of links from a few participants to content not always useful to others

How to use then, a Diigo Group for an online course using students blogs?

Students bookmark and add to the course’s Diigo Group all their:
– blog posts
– comments in other’s blogs
(blog comments have their own permalink)
– citations received by other blogs
– all the posts they want to save from other students blogs

This Diigo Group works as an aggregator and so all the participants know what it is posted & commented in the online course.

Each participant can show, then, to the teacher and students, his contribution (posts, comments) to the online course

Aren’t you proud of you blog posts, comments and citatations to you and your work??



  1. According with your description, it’s possible to use a Diigo group as a blog post aggregator. My question is if I can automatically connect my blog with a Diigo group in such way that all my post with a certain tag automatically adds to the Diigo group.

  2. Just some thoughts about your post. Like you mentioned, I use Diigo as a complement of an assignment developed in a wiki. In this particular case, each group of 4-6 students needed to create a very basic teaching module in a wiki. They used Diigo to bookmark 2 links related to the topic of the module and used a blog to post comments about the modules produced by other groups.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t use Diigo, but I avoid any automatic postings/bookmarking. I think that automatic postings/bookmarking, since it seems too convenient it is abused and adds noise to information

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