About Me

I am Eduardo Peirano, co-owner with Sabrina De Vita of Universitatis. We teach online ICT courses to school teachers in Spanish.

I co-facilitated with Luz Pearson, the 10 Week Connectivism MOOC in Spanish Curso: Taller de Investigación Online para Docentes TIOD10: Nuevas Maneras de Aprender targeted to school teachers

I blog about Online Learning in Higher Education and I network with online teachers in my College 2.0 Group

1- My work was cited by:

– Natalija Vugdelija and Katarina Milanović, FOLKSONOMIJA U NASTAVI FOLKSONOMY IN EDUCATION, INFOTEH-JAHORINA Vol. 8, Ref. E-II-10, p. 507-510, March 2009.

– Britt Watwood, Instructional Uses of Social Bookmarking, Journal of Social Informatics, No 8 / December 2007

Center for Teaching Excellence – VCU, White Paper on Online Teaching and Learning, Building from Content to Community: [Re]Thinking the Transition to Online Teaching and Learning

2- My Presentations:

Selling Elearning : at the April 2009 Learntrends Conversations, Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation


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