Posted by: emapey | September 14, 2009

My PLE (Personal Learning Environment) for the CCK09 Connectivism Open Online Course

This is my start page, my Personal Learning Environment (PLE), my list of aggregated resources for the CCK09 Connectivism open online course. It is a real example of a PLE, Personal Learning Environment.

The Daily News: The Daily
Moodle LMS: Course: CCK09
CCK09 Blog: Connectivism & Connective Knowledge
Participants (needs login): CCK09: Participants
Elluminate: CCK09 Live Sessions
Recordings: CCK09 Recordings

I think that by using my PLE for the CCK09 open online course it is easy to follow the conversations, and make connections:
Google Blog Search: cck09 – Google Blog Search
Icerocket Blog Search: cck09 – Icerocket Blog Search
Twitter CCK09: cck09 – Twitter Search
Wordpress CCK09: Cck09 Blogs Posts on WordPress
Delicious Bookmarks: Recent cck09 Bookmarks on Delicious
Wiki in Spanish: Actividades Semanales

These are my own CCK09 blog posts and bookmarks:
Emapey’s CCK09 Bookmarks: emapey’s cck09 Bookmarks on Delicious
Onlinesapiens CCK09: Connectivism « Online Sapiens Blog

Jay Cross PLE
Why I love PLEs
CCK09 stuff – links, feeds, etc.
CCK08: We’re creating our own PLEs, huh?
The PLN thing has gotten out of hand

I would like to give thanks to Leila Nachawati for her support to my PLEs

Read more:
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  1. Just learned about the course. I am looking forward to the learning and connections that will come!

  2. Nice list. I think I’ll borrow it!

  3. Yes, a good list, thanks, I’ve added some to this Wikiversity CCK09 page:

  4. Great List Eduardo!

  5. Really helpful, thanks!

  6. Thanks, Eduardo! But really, your “PLE evangelization” along CCK09 was very helpful, especially for people who are not naturally organized 🙂

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