Posted by: emapey | September 8, 2009

Yes, I am Searching for Content and Not for Bloggers

Claudia Ceraso posted:

Whatever makes a post or blog a gem is that blogger’s ability to express what other people wish they could, but they can’t. Yet.

How does all of that networked learning start to happen?
I think there is a simple structure:
Content first, people second.

Claudia, I usually find better content by following Google Blog Search and Delicious Tags feeds than following individual blog feeds. Yes, I am searching for content and not for bloggers.

But I will follow blogs from my friendly connections. I need to keep up with what they are posting to comment, learn and teach them.

I am also always searching for new connections for my PLN (Personal Learning Network). Newbies, can become the future top bloggers. It’s better to already have them earlier as connections in your network



  1. Eduardo,

    We connect as we connect. It’s personal and self-paced.
    In my opinion, results just cannot be forced.

    Thank you for posting your viewpoint on this.

  2. I wasn’t aware that you could subscribe to a google blog search. This is going to be so much more efficient.

  3. Although I use aggregators to search for content (e.g., CCK09 content), I look at the development of a PLN more as a long-term solution for gaining valid and reliable data. In general, it streamlines the learning process if the focus is on the search for individuals versus content that must be validated constantly – both at the time of obtaining the content and over time when some content becomes obsolete rather quickly.

    So, there are times when I search for content, but it usually turns into a search for individuals. Learning more about the people who make up one’s PLN provides additional perspective and interpretation when reading the “printed page”.

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