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Social Network Theory, the Dunbar Number, Connectors, Mavens, Persuaders, the Strong and Weak Ties and the Scale Free Networks

The CCK09 assignment for this week was: “……in particular, share resources on networks that you encounter in your browsing this week.”

CCK09 – Social Network Theory:

– Introduction to Socia Network Theory
– The Dunbar Number
– The Tipping Point – Connectors, Mavens and Persuaders
– Granovetter – Strong and Weak Ties
– Small World and Scale Free Networks
– Popular Social Networks
– My Twitter Social Network

Introduction to Social Network Theory:
Social Network Analysis
Networks: Theory and Application — Open.Michigan via – Benjamin Stewart – Social network analysis – Projects, Cases & Research
T N T – The Network Thinker
T N T — The Network Thinker: So many people, So little time – Innovation Happens at the Intersections
How to Save the World
Introduction to Social Network Methods

Sobre Redes (in Spanish)
Teoría de redes sociales – Indianopedia
Redes. Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales
Propiedades de las Redes – CCK09 « Conexiones
Quiénes usan Twitter en la Argentina (Parte 1) « Expresión Pr via Sabrina De Vita

About the Dunbar Number
Twitter Friends and the Influence of Influentials – Skillful Minds
Social networks that matter
Twitter under the microscope – First Monday
Life With Alacrity: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes
Robert Paterson’s Weblog: Magic Numbers

About the Tipping Point – Connectors, Mavens and Persuaders
Applying Gladwell/ Tipping Point theories to twitter users
Impact as a 21st-Century Library Media Specialist
The Form of Money: Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen
Are you a Connector, a Maven, or a Salesman? – Stepcase Lifehack
Creative Perch – Connect with a Maven
Creative Perch – Get Connected
Creative Perch – Connect with a Salesman
Daily Kos: Mavens, Persuaders, Connectors and Us
Tipping Point Toast for Communities? – edublogs

About Granovetter – Strong and Weak Ties:
The Strength of Weak Ties – Granovetter seminal paper
Social Networks And Group Formation – Boxes and Arrows
Weak Ties Vs Strong Ties, Advantages and Disadvantages – Social Network
Jim Moore’s blog – Note on why blogs matter: The Strength of Weak Ties
Memetics meets Granovetter. Many-to-Many
Social Networking Tools to Develop Strong, Weak and Potential Connections

About Small World and Scale Free Networks:
Asynchronous discussion groups as Small World and Scale Free Networks
The worldwide air transportation network
Barabasi, Linked: The New Science of Networks

About Social Networking
Egocentric and Object Centric Networks
What kind of Twitter User are You? | JR Farr
Twitter: “pointless babble” or peripheral awareness + social grooming?
Twitter VS Facebook « Sabrina’s Weblog
Visualizing Relationships on Twitter and Social Networks
Maintained Relationships on Facebook | overstated
Life With Alacrity: Community by the Numbers, Part II: Personal Circles
LinkedIn Facebook Twitter – Different Connection Style
LinkedIn Connection Approach Rethought

Characteristics of my Twitter Social Network:
What Type of Twitter User Am I?, Online Sapiens
TweetStats :: for emapey2

CCK08 Forum: Networks
Who Are the Good Informants in your Network?, CCK08
CCK08: Which is the most successful network in history?
CCK08: Norming of the Nodes



  1. Gracias por el acknowleadgement Eduardo!

  2. I appreciate the link to my post on twitter friends and the influence of influentials.

  3. Oh wow – talk about you doing some of my serious research for me! I intend on turning the crowd-wise series into an e-book later on in the year and you’ve bookmarked great resources for reading.

    Thanks, Eduardo!


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