Posted by: emapey | December 15, 2008

Connectivism, What Type of Twitter User Am I?


As you can see I’m using the @-syntax more often than the average Twitter user. A larger part of my twitter messages actually is a conversation with a small number of people: enpatagoniasur, gsellart, nancito, malinkaiva and nycrican2

This is the List of Twitter Users by Conversation Quotient. My Conversation Quotients are high, 80 %+ for @emapey2 and 70%+ for @emapey

The Conversation Quotient tells how many of your tweets are replies. People with a high CQ are using Twitter to have direct conversations with other users. People with a low CQ are using it more for broadcasting links or status messages.

Update – I usually remove from my Twitter network those who use Twitter MAINLY to broadcast links or status messages. I prefer to share links (bookmarks) via Delicious. I remove also those Twitter users who are following too many people. They won’t have enough time available for a useful conversation with me.

JR Farr blogged the best post I have found about the different types of Twitter users

My comment to the post The Bamboo Project Blog: Twitter Hating:

I usually only follow people I already know: from Delicious, blogs I read, Online Forums, Conferences, Courses. They are already my friends and contacts. People I would like to meet more easily online. Only then I will be interested to learn more about them and follow their professional and social lives in Twitter.



  1. Thank you for sharing this, Eduardo.

  2. Hi Eduardo!

    It’s amazing how one of the first Web 2.0 tools I use, delicious, drop us in the flow of conversation and knowledge.

    Your bookmarks and tweets are my favourite!

  3. Hi Gabriela. Thank you very much. I don’t follow your blog but I follow you in delicious. Please, whenever you post about me or something, even in Romanian, you think I would like to bookmark send a delicious link to me. I don’t miss them. My favorite feed is my delicious network but I was using it less. Too much uninteresting bookmarks. I removed 30 people from my delicious network and now it is readable again. I need your and Laura’s bookmarks. You both bookmark a lot and discover very useful links.

    In this post I had to feature your delicious account because you blog crashed my Firefox and Opera browsers. Your pages are too long and include too much multimedia content.

    I am missing you in Twitter. I DO use Twitter for conversations. I usually remove people with too many friends. They will not have time for you. Note that I have 2 accounts.

    I am starting to enjoy LinkedIn groups

  4. Thanks for your comment about the multimedia content of my blog. Lately I am active on a microblogging platform, (which is more than twitter) – I neglected the blog – and I export my microblogging notes to my blog. So it is very useful for me to know that there is a problem with the multimedia content.

    I also start to use delicious as an eportofolio for personal development (as Michelle Martin suggested), writing short notes about the bookmarks I saved.

    Having a very crowded semester I hope next year I can be more active on Twitter.

    Best wishes,


  5. One of the very first things that caught my attention when I started to use Twitter was the way you used it to build conversations.

    Don’t think I didn’t notice the last one. My own reading was: while Sabrina is attending her own graduation parties, Gabriela is attending her students’. Age. Just joking.

    I still owe you that FOC conversation. I might/should write a post about that. Just waiting for my brain to refresh.

    See you at the @conversations or anywhere else.

  6. Nice article! It really is so interesting how different each person uses twitter.

    Me personally I have found it one of the best way to get introduced to people and create some fantastic relationships.

    I also just wanted to say thanks for the link back to Mojonomic. I am the co-founder of Mojonomic and that was a post that I wrote awhile back. I’m glad it was useful for you.

    Again, great article and now I’m intrigued to go read more!

    JR Farr

  7. Hi Eduardo!

    Wonderful post and useful sites to know more about our twitter accounts and activities. Thanks for sharing.
    I’d like to learn how do you handle 2 Twitter accounts, I’m thinking about having a second ID too to post there in Spanish.

    I don’t drop people on twitter, my guru Gavin Dudeney, just explained in a live session the advantages of following many people. To maintain conversations at Twitter I’ve found out the reply function very useful, less crowded and clear. If I want to know about close relationships I go to their Twitter home pages, that’s how I landed here!

    All the links I add to Delicious are shared, after reading your post I understand that I may not be using this resource in the best way.

    Thanks again. Besos. Maru

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