Posted by: emapey | November 26, 2008

CCK08, Connectivists Should Develop Their Own Connections Using Social Tools

Sui Fai John Mak asks for suggestions for a wiki, ning or edublog on connectivism to continue the conversation after the CCK08 course. As connectivists, we already have many tools to continue connecting and learning: our blogs, Twitter, Delicious, Ustream.TV, Twitter Search, Google Blog Search. I don’t think we need to create any new community or blog to stay connected



  1. Thanks for your response to my suggestions. You are right in that there are already many tools for the connections. I have received some other responses who show an interest in such initiative. So, some people might like to stay connected via other menas. As everyone learns differently, so would it be a matter of choice for those who like to explore further with a “collaborative” network? Do you see any benefits with such approach? What do you think?

    Your insights are greatly appreciated.

  2. I think I agree, fewer rather than more spaces are needed so that we have a greater chance of meeting one another. Another part of the strategy I think is working on your problem in public (see

    We are thinking about portfolios (or maybe they are PLEs) as workspaces (as opposed to showcases). But another perspective we are also exploring is working in the spaces where the community is already gathered (which led me to post some thoughts here But I also recognize that I can’t make that post and wait for someone to solve my problem. I need to work the problem, blog about it and take my thinking into other settings. All of this will get/keep me connected with a community that cares about what interests me.

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