Posted by: emapey | December 18, 2008

My CCK08 Connectivism Online Course Workspace

This is a photo of my CCK08 Connectivism online course workspace.

I work online, full time, from home.

emapeys CCK08 Connectivism Workspace

emapey's CCK08 Connectivism Workspace

Louise Côté (Blanche Maynard) had the great idea of creating the Flickr CCK08 Workspaces Pool

She wrote:

Can the sharing of work environment help build trust and foster deeper connections?
That’s the idea behind the formation of this group. Connecting visually will help us relate to each other on a more personal level, and make our network connections stronger.

I really hope so!!



  1. Ha ha! I like it!

    Strangely, I agree with the above quote, but have absolutely no idea why. I do a decent amount of online teaching, maybe i should do that as well – in fact, I might start suggesting this to other online teachers as well. Great idea & Thank you!

  2. Actually, just blogged it and linked back. Taking a Picture of Your Non-Virtual Workspace to Add Trust to Your Profile » eduFire Thanks!

  3. Koichi, Thank you for your comments and post. I bookmarked it on delicious. It is a great idea and your obline tutors seem to like it too.

  4. Oh – you are so much tidier than me!
    Just to thank you for your comment on my blog Taking things forward « Jenny Connected and to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!


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