Posted by: emapey | September 22, 2011

POTCERT11 Blogging: Categories, Tags, Blog Posts Titles

When you write a blog post make sure that it will be visible to others.

1- Setup Categories and add your blog posts to at least one category. Uncategorized posts will be hard to find by your visitors. Categories show your own posts in that category.

2- Setup Tags and add your post to several tags. In Worpress blogs, Tags show all tagged posts. Currently this tag feature is broken in but you can follow Potcert11 blog posts on

3- Learn about Categories vs. Tags in

4- Learn about tags vs #hashtags. Tags are used by blogs, Diigo, Delicious. #Hashtags are used in Twitter. You don’t need #hashtags in Blogs and Diigo/Delicious

5- Learn how to Use Titles Effectively on Blogs.

6- Include the course tag in the Title of blog posts. In this way Google Blog Search and Icerocket Blog Search will find your blog posts



  1. As I new blogger I really appreciate your quick and to-the-point tips. Thanks!

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