Posted by: emapey | September 16, 2011

How to Use Diigo or in the POTCERT11 Online Course

Diigo and Delicious are both social bookmarking tools. Each of them offers different features. I have been bookmarking web pages and sites to Delicious since 2005. Delicious offers the features I need. Delicious is my favorite web learning tool!!!!!

How do I use Delicious in any online course, like POTCERT11?

– I follow Pedagogy First! blog or feed
– Whenever I read a post I like, I bookmark it to Delicious: Tag: POTCERT11
– I bookmark all the posts I would like to comment. Tags: COMMENTS, POTCERT11
– I bookmark all my posts: Tags: ONLINESAPIENS_POSTS, POTCERT11
– I bookmark all posts that link to me or my blog: Tags: PROFILE, POTCERT11

Delicious has Bundles. I created the ABOUTME bundle. It includes my COMMENTS, ONLINESAPIENS_POSTS, PROFILE tags. If you follow my ABOUTME bundle you are following my professional digital life

Diigo doesn’t offer bundles. Just add the Aboutme tag to Comments, Posts, Profile tags and then your Diigo Aboutme tag will be your bundle.

Last night I read about 15 POTCERT11 posts. I bookmarked 6 and wrote my comments to each post. Very easy!

I will also bookmark this post!!

I follow several Delicious Tag feeds.


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