Posted by: emapey | September 4, 2011

POTCERT11 Online Teaching – KISS with Technology

This is my comment to Brandon’s post : A First Teaching Experience

It was the worst teaching experience of my (admittedly short) teaching career. Everything that could go wrong technologically did

1- KISS with Learning and Technology

Do we use KISS when we help teachers select an appropriate technology?

2- Online Teachers Must be Experienced in Using the Web to Instruct

Many instructors teaching online today are not “Web heads”. …..They do not possess the “information literacy” skills now required of many undergraduates , despite an assumption that professors are all computer–savvy

3- Escape the Complexity by Looking Backward

If we went all the way back, we could teach faculty much of what we were taught back in 1998. Somewhere between then and now we stopped creating things and began plugging “content” into other people’s systems. Building our own spaces might have made us more creative.

3- if you are teaching online you must always have a backup and a plan B!!!!!!



  1. First refers to Murphy’s law. True in all places with all things.

    Number one: I use the rule in all things all the time, especially living.

    Number two I hope goes away and we get to the point that we not longer separate “web” teaching skills and teaching skills. We will say, “Wow, that person is a good teacher!” and be referring to all the skills needed to be a good teacher which absolutely, 100 percent, includes this thing called the internet.

    Number three: If you are teaching you must always have a plan B.

    That is what I think anyway….

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