Posted by: emapey | September 3, 2011

Facilitating Interaction Between Blogs, POTCERT11

I read Lana Dabboussy post about facilitating online interaction between blogs

But, as I was drawn to the content and spontaneously wanted to interact with it and leave a comment, my efforts were thwarted by filling out a spam form, or not finding a comment box to begin with. Much to my chagrin, I kept my thoughts to myself and moved on.

I agree with Lana. If it doesn’t work for you IT WONT WORK WITH YOUR STUDENTS!!!!!!

Web Forums are better than blogs for online interaction, Comparing Blogs to Forum Threaded Discussions in Online Teaching

If you are a blogger and want to add to the interaction and have something useful to say, your comment will probably deserve a great post in your own blog. So, write a post in your own blog, linking and commenting the post you have read. You avoid registration to others blogs and what you thought it was a great comment becomes, instead, a great post in your own blog

This is what I did with this comment-post. Lana will find and read my comment, and I have a new post in my blog.

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  1. This seems largely right to me. I would qualify it by saying that it depends on the kind of activity. Yes, forums tend to promote conversation, while blogs tend to promote the optional nature of any conversation, but in a course this is combined with the particular details of the assignment. I find that blogs work best for assignments where the focus is on the particular student’s views (the focus being that big post at the top), while forums work best for assignments where the discussion as a whole is the focus (no particular post is given more emphasis). As with all (most?) learning tech, the tech can provide tendencies, but not necessarily absolute boundaries.

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