Posted by: emapey | August 21, 2011

My PLE for the Mira Costa Online Teaching Certificate POTCERT11

This is my PLE, Personal Learning Environment, for the Mira Costa Program for Online Teaching’s Certificate Class for 2011-12, POTCERT11. My PLE lets me organize my reading for distibuted learning online courses.

Class Syllabus
Google Blog Search
Icerocket Blog Search
WordPress Blog Search
Pedagogy First!
Denise Figueroa
Simone Santini
Jaime Oyarzo

Thanks to Lisa Lane: CCK08: We’re creating our own PLEs, huh?

Update: Stephen Downes wrote for the Change MOOC, online course:

Because participants are using a course tag, #change11, you do not need to depend on us to find content. You can do it yourself by searching for the tag. Here are some sample searches:

– #change11 Google search
– #change11 search on Delicious

Notice that you can just bookmark these links and be able to search for new content whenever you want with the click of a button.


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