Posted by: emapey | June 25, 2011

Managing Resistance to Change in Teaching

Why is so much resistance to use technology in teaching??

Why Change Is So Hard: Self-Control Is Exhaustible | Fast Company

In almost all change situations, you’re substituting new, unfamiliar behaviors for old, comfortable ones, and that burns self-control. That what looks like laziness is often exhaustion. Change wears people out—even well-intentioned people will simply run out of fuel.

Change Management – Understanding the Science of Change

Ordering people to change and then telling them how to do it fires the prefrontal cortex’s hair-trigger connection to the amygdala. “The more you try to convince people that you’re right and they’re wrong, the more they push back,” says Rock. Even well-meaning advice quickly raises warning flags in the prefrontal cortex that it is soon to become overloaded and exhausted. And just as quickly it begins to defend itself.

For real improvement, don’t change – learn | Northern Colorado Business Report

What if we replaced the word “change” with the word “learning”? Learning is much more positive than change. Learning is proactive and indicates that we know what we want to achieve with new ideas, skills and abilities.

elearnspace › Information: What am I missing?

What can we do now with information that we could not do in the past?….I’ve compiled a list of nine attributes or new possibilities that new technologies, especially the internet, enable.

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