Posted by: emapey | November 27, 2010

Massive Open Online Courses, MOOC, for Governments or Associations

sjdixon would like to develop a topic for a MOOC, massive open online course, for government.

Governments, at any level, can tend to be somewhat soloed with little collaboration and sharing. If governments were to employ MOOC’s ala PLENK2010, I believe we would become that much more effective.

My reply: Why not a MOOC where each department takes care of one topic. They are the instructors. The others comment, share and learn.

Associations Should Consider the MOOC

I suspect I don’t really even need to spell out how the MOOC model could be of value in the association sector. Or for nonprofits hoping to engage a large group of stakeholders around a cause. Or for businesses seeking greater engagement with their customer base.

Just taking associations as the main example, imagine bringing together a significant slice of your audience online – member and non-member – over a period of days, weeks, or even months to engage on a topic that is central to their day-to-day work.


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