Posted by: emapey | April 6, 2010

The Spanish Connectivism MOOC, TIOD10

Luz Pearson and I am are co-facilitating the TIOD10 Workshop, a 12 week Spanish Connectivism MOOC

We both met at the open CCK09 Course: Connectivism and Connective Knowledge ’09

We hosted in Ning the first 7 weeks of this workshop and installed the Skysa Bar with chat and IM to network with the participants.

Luz Pearson posted:

It was designed thinking about teachers, the everyday-classroom-teacher-with-kids, not the university-theory-researcher-professor. Is a course for the edubloggers without a blog yet (because they dont dear to write one, they dont think they have something to say or dont know to whom they might be speaking). Mostly, they don´t have a blog because they are not ICT teachers, and they don´t have the time or motive.
After working for some years trying to make teachers use ICT on class, we thought: and if we think of teachers as learners? Simple idea, isn´t it?

330+ participants joined TIOD10 in Ning
50+ participants were active at some time
50+ participants moved to MOODLE TIOD10

During Weeks 1 and 2, participants only used the Ning Forum to discuss, learn and network.

It was on week 3 of the TIOD10 MOOC that we extended conversations to other networks like Blogs and Social Bookmarking (Delicious, DIIGO). We hoped to create chaos on the course. Participants should then feel the need of a PLE to organize their learning

We appreciate very much the support from:
George Siemens
Stephen Downes
and from our CCK09 friends, John Mak, Nicola Avery, Leila Nachawati and many others

We remember that the CCK09 started with Overwhelmed participants but we are still Continuing to attempt to destabilize courses


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