Posted by: emapey | December 30, 2009

My Best Virtual Friends Nominations, 2009

Last year, in December, the Shorty Awards, gave me the opportunity to nominate and give thanks to all my best Twitter friends

Gabriela Grosseck alerted me, via Delicious, that Steve Hargadon had posted about the Edublog Awards 2009 Ceremony :

we asked those attending live in Elluminate to give a “shout out” to someone who had made a difference for them this past year. One of the downsides of an awards ceremony, and especially one in which there is an imperfect public nomination and voting process, is that it doesn’t really do justice to the larger sense of community and support that exists in our ed tech / social media / Classroom 2.0 / blogger world. We wanted the awards show to have a way to recognize the broader contributions that are made every day.

During the “shout out” I gave thanks to: Claudia Ceraso (fceblog), Lisa Lane, Patricia Hensley, David Truss, Sabrina De Vita, Luz Pearson, Gabriela Grosseck, Britt Watwood and… they didn’t give me enough time to nominate other great virtual friends like, Lorena Zanola, Nicola Avery, Malinka Ivanova, John Mak, Durff , Elizabeth Sheppard, Jennifer Verschoor, Leila Nachawati and many others

This is my post to say Thank You!! to all my best virtual friends during 2009 and to wish them a Happy New Year 2010.



  1. Thanks Eduardo – a very Happy New Year to you and family ! I learn so much from our conversations – thank you and here’s to a whole bunch more of them in 2010 !

  2. Gracias a vos, por estar siempre, por enseñarnos, por “retarnos”, por motivarnos a seguir, por acompañarnos, porque podemos aprender juntos.
    Que tengas un excelente festejo de fin de año y un 2010 super!

  3. Thanks a lot Eduardo. I loved the idea of the links. My link, is a really a special one. It was the one with which all this interaction with my students started.

  4. Thank you so much! I am truly honored to be your friend. I really enjoy our conversations and hope someday to meet in person. Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Eduardo,

    first of all A Happy New Year!

    I am really greatful having you as one of my very best virtual friend.

    Wishing you 2010 online presence and good advice for each of us!

  6. Because of your wonderful posts and good advice, I’ve been able to access some wonderful people who are also very smart in the ways of teaching and using technology. Thanks so much! Your efforts to teach us how to use were greatly appreciated, among many other topics of consequence. Happy New Year!

  7. Dear Eduardo,
    I am so proud that I am among your selected best virtual friends! Many thanks for the meaningful and interesting conversations and links! They always provoke my mind for deep thoughts and new ideas! I wish you a very very Happy 2010 Year!

  8. Thank you Eduardo,
    You were one of my first virtual friends and it truly has been an honour getting to know you. Best wishes for 2010, and I look forward to a decade of building our friendship, and learning together.

  9. ahhhhhh! Emocionante. Muchas gracias a vos Eduardo. Aprendí mucho con vos en el 2009, por más 2010.

  10. Wow this is a big honour!!!
    We have just started an unforgettable journey. Teachers networking together and sharing resources is just the best way to learn in the 21st century. Thank you for always being there and I am sure we will be able to continue learning together in 2010!!!

  11. It is nice being your virtual friend too. 🙂

  12. Thank you Eduardo. You know you have my nomination for blog-archeologist. 😉

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