Posted by: emapey | August 5, 2009

Finding Useful Feeds For My PLE

I have found there are few blogs I want to follow. Blogs usually come and go and those that remain live, many times have a high noise to signal ratio, their posts are not always of good quality and are sometimes off topic for my needs

There are some Google Blog Search and Delicious searches I follow. By following I mean, subscribing to the RSS feeds and using a feed reader to keep updated with new posts.These feeds from searches let me find ALL posts from ANY blog about the topics I am following. The problem is finding the right searches that give good results (good signal to noise ratio)

Google Blog Searches are always on my PLE. Online conferences and courses are always tagged and it’s, then, really easy to search for the tag to keep updated, like I did in My PLE for the CCK08 Connectivism Course

You should follow your friends blogs, though. They are the most important connections in your network and so, you should keep up with their blogging.


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