Posted by: emapey | April 28, 2009

Backup the Web Sites you Use for Presentations on Online Classes and Virtual Conferences

Lisa M. Lane posted:

Then I got fancier with my History of England and Western Civ classes. I linked out to websites. I thought, what was the point of a class being web-based if there weren’t any hyperlinks? So I linked to informative, sometimes fascinating, websites from every lecture page. Then, when I recorded the audio lecture, I was sure to note where the links were, for the visually impaired.

Now I’m trapped. Many of the links have disappeared, so I’ve asked my wonderful secretary to start Furling them for me. She’s given me pages of links that are nowhere to be found. In one lecture alone (the World War II lecture for England) fully ten sites have disappeared.

Kristina D.C. Hoeppner. posted:

This debacle led me to think about the question “What is the plan B for online sessions?” When we teach or present at conferences, we usually have a “Plan B”, an alternative, in case the technology we want to use is not available or does not work. I still make screenshots of web pages in case the internet does not work and I want to point out something on a live site. Backup copies of the material I need are always stored on a USB stick, sent to my email account and / or uploaded somewhere online. I could even do without the visual support if needed as long as I do not loose my voice.

However, as I have never presented online, I had not thought about what to do when problems occur in the virtual space.

On the Internet Archive I was able to find copies of pages I needed for teaching and blogging and have been removed from the internet:
Educational Conferencing Fundamentals and Matriz de Impacto Ambiental
and also I found some pages I needed for my Linkedin Profile:
Member of Florida Virtual College Faculty and Online Courses I authored for Florida Virtual College: Ciencias del Ambiente y Evaluación Ambiental

If you are teaching online don’t forget to save a copy of any important web pages from other sites you are using on your course. Sometimes web pages and web sites are REMOVED from the web. It happened to me also, at least twice. I was lucky to have a copy of those pages!!


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