Posted by: emapey | April 3, 2009

How to Introduce Innovative eLearning Ideas In Your Organization

Excellent post from Inge de Waard, teaching us how to get our innovative eLearning ideas out in our organization no matter what others think!

1- show examples from big companies or big local universities, such as DIA Analysts Are Turning to WEB 2.0 Wikis, Blogs, RSS Feeds and Mashups

2- if you don’t find good examples use your Personal Learning Environment (PLE) or ask for help to your Personal Learning Network (PLN) to find good examples

3- if everything else fails, volunteer to try out your own ideas

4- give clients the idea they came up with the innovative approach, they are bound to be more motivated to back it up.

I liked Inge de Waard’s approach, with her post, to answer to the April 2009 question Getting Unstuck from The Learning Circuits Blog

She had previously posted her top ten tips for getting started with eLearning



  1. hi Eduardo, thank you for the link and the great shortlist!

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