Posted by: emapey | February 28, 2009

How to Teach Online Chemistry Laboratory Courses

Online Degrees have not yet caught on for most science courses that require laboratory sessions, as many educators think they can’t teach the lab sessions outside of the classroom.

This is a list of articles I have found, explaining teachers and professors how they can teach chemistry laboratory courses online.

Kitchen Chemistry Provides Distance Learners With Quality Laboratory Experiences
MIT OpenCourseWare SP.287 Kitchen Chemistry
Chemistry Experiments & Demonstrations You Can Do at Home
Solving The Laboratory Dilemma in Distance Learning General Chemistry
BBC/OU – The World Around Us – Kitchen lab
Overview: In many ways the kitchen can be considered the chemistry laboratory of the home
Chemistry Experiments – A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling
Kitchen Chemistry
Anytime Anywhere Chemistry Experience
Chemistry Labs at a Distance: the Kitchen takes Centre Stage!
Kitchen Chemistry
Science of Cooking
Kitchen Chemistry — Food Science — Penn State University
How to Set Up Your Chemistry Laboratory



  1. As a chemist (B.S. Cal Tech, Ph.D. Columbia Univ., Asst Prof Northeastern Univ., Industrial Research Scientist, Chair of Northeast Section of ACS), I can understand the issues that people have with attempting to provide good chemistry lab experience in an online course.

    I have directed the development of AP-level online chemistry labs using prerecorded real experiments and blending in at-home experiments where possible. We have covered the AP Chemistry curricular requirements completely.

    The resulting lab experience has been good enough to pass muster with the College Board. Curricula submitted with our labs have passed its audit and remain the sole virtual lab system to have achieved this goal.

    You really can provide a great lab experience without resorting to simulations or making students show up for supervised labs in traditional laboratory facilities.

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