Posted by: emapey | January 7, 2009

Honored to be Nominated for an Education Shorty Award

It started on Dec 28th when I was checking my Twitter: I found these 2 tweets:

– shortyawards @emapey, you were nominated by @nycrican2 for a #education Shorty Award 8:23 PM Dec 28th, 2008

– shortyawards @emapey, you were nominated by @buthaina (and 1 other) for a #education Shorty Award 8:40 PM Dec 28th, 2008

I visited The Shorty Awards – education page to learn more about the Award and how to nominate others.

I found there were few nominations for the Shorty Award – education. I don’t like Awards myself but I feel that nominations are a great way to show your appreciation to your network contacts.

I remember when I received this tweet:
– bdieu: @emapey2 seems to be contaminated by a nominating frenzy before 2008 ends 🙂

Yes I was frenzy nominating all my contacts, who are friendly and always willing to have a conversation with me. These are my real Twitter contacts. Those who @reply to me when I contact them.

I noted that with only 2 nominations it was enough to be included on the Shorty Award – education category, so I wanted to help my best contacts with 1 nomination.

I would like to give thanks to all those who nominated Eduardo Peirano for a Shorty Award I am truly honored. I appreciate you all!!


Nominations from @buthaina and @JCYRUS were a nice unexpected surprise to me since I have had almost no conversations with them.

@gsellart managed to nominate me also on my other Twitter account @emapey2. Thank you very much Gabriela!

@ggrosseck and @malinkaiva are old friends and contacts in my network

@alev_elciis is a new contact and friend

Most of them seem to have nominated me because I created and manage the College 2.0 community for online learning and learning 2.0 in higher education

I want to give special thanks to Nelly Cardinale (nycrican2). We spent some days discussing about the Shorty Awards. She also nominated many educators. We both feel it was sad that so few people took a minute of their time to show their appreciation to their network of friends and contacts (there were few educators nominated)

You are probably wondering why do I appreciate so much those contacts who are friendly. Read what Stephen Downes said at the Connectivism CCK08 online course about Who Are the Good Informants in your Network?

Update: the nominations to the Shorty Award had finished, when I received this tweet:
shortyawards: @emapey, you were recommended by @Ignatia in the Shorty Awards category #education

Thank you very much Ignatia for your late nomination (recommendation) to the Shorty Awards. I appreciate it anyway



  1. Eduardo

    first of all I wish to tell you that your Ning helped me to “grow” in the social media forest.
    And I thank you for that!

    Secondly you “teach” me how to network with colleagues from all over the world! Thank you again!

    Wishing you a better and succesful 2009!

  2. Well deserved, friend! Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks so much for publicly acknowledging me in your blog. I am truly honored. For me, it was a real plesure to nominate all of the educators that I did. I felt that the instructors that I nominated always make an effort to share what they know with other educators and therefore deserved a public thank you for their efforts.

    As far as your Ning college classroom, let me tell you that it has completely changed the way I teach my classes. Before I joined your Social Network site, I thought I was web saavy but I quickly found out that I was not.

    It introduced me to a whole new world of Web 2.0 sites that I now use to manage my job as a college professor and teach regular class topics using new tools. I also use your your classroom to keep up with and learn about all of the newest cutting edge Web 2.0 sites.

    I have also made professional contacts in your classroom site that would have never been possible otherwise. I mean, how else would I have ever be able to network with a professor like you from Uruguay or Gabriela from Romania.

    So, thanks again for starting the Ning College 2.0 classroom site. It is the coolest college professor hangout on the web!!

  4. I’m a bit late with this – but congratulations.

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