Posted by: emapey | December 26, 2008

Your Twitter Home – Don’t Miss Tweets From Your Friends

I think there are still many Twitter users missing some tweets so I created this mini tutorial to teach those using Twitter from the Web how not to miss the most important tweets, those @tweets sent to them.

Login to Twitter Here. You will be redirected to your Twitter Home page, where you can read the tweets sent from those people you are following.

On you Twitter HOME page, on the right bar, you will also find these very important links to your Twitter pages:
@Replies (messages SENT TO YOU)
Direct Messages (SENT TO YOU)

These pages show you those public or private tweets SENT TO YOU. THESE ARE THE TWEETS YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS. ALWAYS visit YOUR @Replies and Direct Messages pages (more important when you haven’t accessed Twitter for some days)

I also use very much Twitter Search to find any tweets to and about emapey, emapey2 , any other Twitter user or topic.



  1. Thanks Eduardo! I’m going to take note of this so I don’t miss anything πŸ˜‰

  2. I get google alerts for my replies (and even when they don’t reply correctly, and just mention my name). I wish Twitter made things a little easier, but I suppose Twitter gets to make those decisions πŸ™‚

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