Posted by: emapey | December 25, 2008

Save and Share Bookmarks, Start Blogging and Only Then Use Twitter

Great post from Steve Matthews, Law Firm Web Strategy :

If you are using social media to participate and build a reputation, you need to back it up with some substance. And though some may disagree, my take is that substance frequently requires more that 140 characters.

Lani Ritter Hall blogged Where to begin and Adam Singer posted 19 Reasons You Should Blog And Not Just Tweet

Twitter is not enough!!!

Start by researching and saving online your bookmarks. Then create a blog where you can add your content and reflections.

There are many Types of Blog Posts to battle bloggers block.

Only then, you should start using Twitter for conversations. iAlja posted:

To build a special connection between forum members and strengthen the forum community

When I am explaining a topic to someone in Twitter I always end referring him/her to posts from this blog or my emapey’s Bookmarks on Delicious

While Liz B. Davis knows how to use Delicious for networking, she promoted this great post only via Twitter. I still don’t understand why Liz didn’t add it to her Delicious bookmarks. All members from her Delicious network will miss this great link.

Read more:
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  1. “Only then you should start tweeting.”
    I desagree.
    For my instance and research, i can tweet about some content and never wirte a blog post related.
    There are many ways to use some tool, and there´s no best way, each user find a use of twitter depending of your strategy.
    I have delicious and twitter, i share links and tweet it, but i dont need write a post about some content to achieve, learning and populate this subject.
    Each one have one strategy and the ‘freedom of use’ need be ensured to all users.
    I dont like when some users, like emapey, try to force your vision of tools to discourage others diferents uses.
    Freedom to all users tools strategies!

  2. I didn’t add it to my bookmarks because I forgot to. But you do make a good point. I have not been using my bookmarking network as much as I could be lately. I know I first “met” you through social bookmarking (and hope to meet you in real life someday) and I do find that delicious leads me to great resources.

    While I find the post interesting, I’m not sure I totally agree. I think people should blog because it is a great learning experience. And in that post, he is speaking from a business perspective, which is a very different motivation for writing.

    There are many things that I Tweet that I don’t write about in my blog, but I am glad to have a blog as a place to reflect in more depth about the things that really interest me.

  3. Liz, I was dissapointed with you ONLY because I know you created before an EXCELLENT sceencast showing the networking features of Delicious. I even featured your screencast

    I agree with you and @fjcapeletto that everyone should try what he thinks works best. I can’t force anyone to adopt my strategy. I can only share my knowledge.

    I am trying to use Twitter more for professional short conversations but I also like to learn more about my friends , their lives, their cities and cultures

  4. Eduardo, using has improved my social network, and I continue to post there. I learned from your ideas about social networking through that web application. I find it interesting that as your colleague mentioned, I did start blogging before I joined twitter, but I joined first. It was recommended by colleagues at TappedIN.

    Thanks for the reminder to post my own blog post links. I have become slack in that regard, but I do remember to tag my blog posts with my name. These are all good ideas. All new services, such as Amplify even include automatically linking abilities with

    Really, is like Twitter. Neither may do all we want them to do, but they were and still are the most robust of their type of web application.

    Many people will still continue to use, and I am included in that group. I can’t afford to put all my eggs in one basket, but is my sturdiest basket. I do have backup bookmarking web applications, but is my base camp for bookmarks.

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