Posted by: emapey | November 24, 2008

If the Online Teacher or Facilitator are Missing, it’s Time for a Real Connectivism Session, CCK08

Lisa Lane started a thread at the CCK08 Connectivism online course forum about what happened when a UStream session of this online course was cancelled. She wrote:

No Dave, Jeff, George or Stephen — we did it anyway
by Lisa Lane – Friday, 21 November 2008, 03:16 PM
Kudos to the leaderless students of CCK08!

Today, not yet aware the UStream session was cancelled, a few of us ended up there anyway. Having planned an hour out of our busy schedules, some of us wanted to go ahead.

I have a Ustream account I’ve never used (I don’t even know how to use it) but in the spirit of connection and experimentation, we met there anyway, leaving a trail and a tweet. As a noob I was unable to figure out how to get anyone but me on audio and video, so Kristina got Skype going, and we had a wonderfully messy time trying to get five of us (Kristina, Eduardo, Andreas, Carmen and myself) to meet (and stay!) in a conference call, still using UStream as the channel and the chat. We went at it for the full hour, with plenty of hanging up and noisy fans and delayed sound, and Ustreamers wandering in and out wondering what the heck was going on, seeing me sitting there in my purple shirt not looking the least bit like George or Stephen.

And here, you know, the pipe really was more important than the content, though we talked briefly about our blogs and where we lived (three different continents). And since I speak neither Spanish or German, I was grateful the team was willing to conduct our conversation and confusion in English.

I don’t know about the others, but I came out feeling confident and empowered, and having learned more about both UStream and Skype (yup, I’m new at that too) than I ever would have otherwise.

Good job and thanks, y’all! Extra credit all around!

Kristina D.C. Hoeppner blogged:

Our little group was a great experience today, we stayed in class, and learned together without our teachers / instructors / facilitators / moderators / curators / enablers…

Carmen Tschofen blogged:

And this little venture also served, from an education perspective, to reinforce my bias that improvisational and playful learning tends to be engaging. No one staged this ahead of time, no one engineered the obstacles, no one defined specific expectations for the outcome, and the outcomes, not necessarily quantifiable in terms of discussion points covered or conclusions reached, were still somehow satisfying and potentially useful to participants … at the very least in the form of cautionary tales about the impulsive use of connective technologies.

I think this was a real example of connectivism, where students managed to learn, working together, without a teacher or facilitator. Thank you Lisa, Andreas, Kristina and Carmen for such a fun and useful real connectivism course session. I was so nervous speaking in English! It was my first audio meeting where I had to speak in English. As connectivism learners we should have our own tools where we can held our own chatting, audio and video CONFERENCING sessions.



  1. Just want to repeat my comment i gave to Carmen now dedicated to you:

    Hello emapey, i enjoyed this unconference also! “Alles Wirkliche im Leben ist Begegnung.” This term is in my point of view a strong word spoken by Martin Buber. So let’s see this point. Our little Skype-Ustream-Hardware-Fun Moment is part of a “Begegnung” wich in German means the important little bit more than just to meet each other.

    Therefore there is also a bit more than just practice – more than a technical setting. And so this was the great experience we got from where we came and for what we do!

    Still – let’s get the next unconference – soon! When the big bid of chiefs are going lost

    Bis denne

    And — there is no reason beeing nervous in speaking english! Imagine I should speak your mothertongue – which sure I would not be able too.

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