Posted by: emapey | October 30, 2008

Social Networking Tools to Develop Strong, Weak and Potential Connections, Connectivism CCK08

Excellent post by Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School explaining how to use collaborative tools, social networking tools and blogs to develop the different types of online social connections you need.

collaborative tools (example: wikis)

for a core of strongly tied knowledge workers who are collaborating on a deliverable.

Evidence suggests that wikis let strongly-tied collaborators get their work done better, faster, and with more agility than was previous possible

social networks (example: Facebook),

increase number of weak ties (and hence access to non-redundant information and bridges to other networks)


use Google Blog Search to find the potentially valuable colleagues who our knowledge worker just hasn’t met yet?

The benefit of blogs becomes much more clear when they’re seen as tools to convert potential ties, strong or weak, into actual ones.



  1. Thanks Eduardo – hope life is treating you well ! I’ve never heard of or used Google blog search before, nice one !


    PS racingshoes is my old ID that I signed up to with wordpress I think before I even set up my current blog, but for some reason I have managed to link aydindesign with it, which I will sort at some point…perhaps in the next leap year when we gain an extra day 🙂

  2. Eduardo, the wiki and blog search are excellent tools, and I appreciate your excerpts from Andrew McAffee’s discussion.

    I agree that social networks are great, but I find Facebook to be way too cluttered w/junk. I use CR2.0 and other .nings for n2teaching, but I like MySpace. I can keep track of many educational groups who have a presence there.

    Hope your world is OK! How are you feeling?

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