Posted by: emapey | September 7, 2008

My PLE for the CCK08 Connectivism Course

This is my start page, my Personal Learning Environment, PLE, (CCK08: We’re creating our own PLEs, huh?), my list of aggregated resources for the CCK08 Connectivism online course. It is a real example of a PLE, Personal Learning Environment.

Although we received perhaps too much help from the teachers:
Daily News: The Daily
Moodle LMS: Course: Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
Participants: CCK08: Participants
Blog: Connectivism & Connective Knowledge
Wiki: Connectivism – LTCWiki
Students’ Blogs: cck08’s Blogs

I think that by using my PLE for this course I could follow the conversations and make connections:
Google Blog Search: cck08 – Google Blog Search
Twitter CCK08: cck08 – Twitter Search
Wordpress CCK08: Cck08 Blogs Posts on WordPress
Delicious Bookmarks: Recent cck08 Bookmarks on Delicious
Participants’ Blogs: cck08’s Blogs

My own course’s blog posts and bookmarks:
Emapey’s CCK08 Bookmarks: emapey’s cck08 Bookmarks on Delicious
Onlinesapiens CCK08: Connectivism CCK08 « Onlinesapiens Blog

Read more:
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  1. thanks eduardo,

    that’s a nice tidy List

  2. Nice! Thank you!

  3. Very helpful – and a bit scary … c”,) Kita Coage – the SL cohort member. Thanks!

  4. Thank you. Why do you find scary?

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