Posted by: emapey | August 13, 2008

For Edubloggers: How to Build a Better Blog

Explains the About Me, Best Posts and Sneeze Pages. Also Why Do you Need to Write Good Descriptive Titles for your Posts. Shows who are your targeted readers.

Stuntdubl posted about the importance to showcase your top posts.

You probably have some GREAT posts buried in your archives that I will never see if you don’t bring them to the top. Bring them to my attention!!

Jim Boykin added his Favorite Posts to the footer of his blog template.

Problogger recommends to create Sneeze Pages and Posts to propel readers deep within your blog.

One of the challenges that faces blogs that have been around for a while is that they end up with a wonderful collection of posts in their archives that are rarely read by readers.

I found these blog posts examples from Nancy White, Most Viewed Posts First Quarter 2009 – What next? and Tony Karrer, Top 20 Posts for Q1 2009 and Top 9 Posts You May Have Missed .

Don’t forget to add an About Me Page to your edublog

Finally, Performancing posted about the importance of writing good blog post titles:

Good titles act as a gateway, as i’ve said before, they proceed your content, lay the red carpet if you like and work as ambassadors for you and your blog.

and Problogger remembers us that post titles are important to grab attention from search engines, feed subscribers and blog surfers.

These are some useful title templates to help you write post titles, 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work and 7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work



  1. Eduardo, I will will take your advice into account…thanks for commenting in my Blog…I have a lot to learn yet!

  2. Eduardo,
    Thanks for sharing this information. It was really useful. I will take this into account.

  3. CAPO! love it. learning. Thanks!

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