Posted by: emapey | July 22, 2008

Using for Blogging

My previous post, Using in Education has been bookmarked by several people. Some of them have become my fans, and my friends in my emapey network.

In this post I want to show how can also be used as a Blog. From About we read:

Save bookmarks to interesting websites and add a bit of commentary to create a lightweight linklog.

When you bookmark a page you can also add and save your own comments or an excerpt of text of the page or web site. This is useful to remind yourself about the item, or to communicate to others your thoughts about it.
Other people can add their own comments when they bookmark the same page. For example: you can read the comments and user notes from people who bookmarked the Edutopia web site.

Gabriela Grosseck sent to me this bookmark on Delicious I saved the bookmark and added my comment.

We then tweeted:

emapey: @ggrosseck Hi Gabriela. Thank you for sending me your Delicious bookmark. Please read the excerpt I have selected. It shows what I think

ggrosseck: @emapey Agree! “The blog tends to be visited by people interested in what you are saying&the people on Tw&Facebook are interested in you”

Gabriela understood that I used the bookmark to show her and others my opinion about the post.

You can create an “About me” category (tag) to list all bookmarks you have saved and are relevant to your Profile. As an example I have added to my emapey’s bookmarks tagged with profile on
Your site shows the list of your categories or tags. You can browse the bookmarks in each category. offers RSS feeds of tags and bookmarked pages. People can read your Bookmarks or any Bookmarks Category using any feed reader.

I want to credit my friend FCEBLOG for some of the ideas included in this post.

Update: It’s great that n2teaching reached to the same conclusion. She wrote:”Thanks to my Twitter practice in effective miniblogging, I have improved my descriptions. These annotations have turned into miniblogs themselves.

Comments to this post:

Claudia Ceraso

One thing you can add to your own comments could be who helped you get it. Particularly if you plan to use the link in a post and want to credit the source of information.
Thanks for the mention


Yes, you should add that info also. The same way most blogs do. I missed that one. Thank you for reminding me.

Sheryl A. McCoy

Yes, I was amazed that I found someone who viewed as I do. When I began to use, I was so thrilled.
As a teacher, I have problems with students not citing their information sources for reports; even simple reports.
Immediately, I could see that students could use as a tool to gather their resources, notes and their bibliography. They can put notes in their own words, and they avoid plagiarism. The students can tag all their bookmarks with a common tag, so they can pull them all up in one search on

Most likely, you already know all this, and as we say in my part of the USA, I am preaching to the choir in other words telling someone who already knows and agrees with the story I am telling.
Thanks for putting your blog post url in the comments. I find it very helpful. My memory is short and random

Here are two of my earlier posts about
n2teaching: Part of the Cleanup Crew

Please excuse me if my links are not made appropriately for WordPress.
Thanks for the great blog posting and for linking with mine.

Anne Mirtschin
I don’t know how or why I missed this post, but thank you for it, as I am one of the ones who network with you in delicious and it explains my question of you as to how I can use delicious for blogging. Will still skype you some time

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  1. Hi Eduardo!

    Great post!

    Since microblogging came into my digital practice I have found myself experiencing a new way of using delicious: using notes more as “long” microposts. This helps me to add more quality to those annonating resources that I intend to use in my classroom. Lots of delicious bookmarks have short notes in my language (Romanian) which clarify a view or just point to something that students must go and search deeper.
    Anyway, delicious is a great SIMPLE tool! And I love it ! Not just because for bookmarking, or sharing. It really networks and connect people and minds.


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