Posted by: emapey | July 17, 2008

Use to Create Your Eportfolio

Great example from Dr. Helen Barrett of how to use to create a version of your eportfolio. Via: Random Mind

Other examples of educators using to create their eportfolio:
Sarah’s Musings
The Bamboo Project Blog
Social Honeycomb

I have an AboutMe bundle tag on as my eportfolio.
It includes the tags:
– College 2.0: links to my College 2.0 Ning
– Comments: posts where I leave my comments
– Onlinesapiens Posts: my Onlinesapiens Blog posts
– ReturntoCollege Posts: my Returning to College blog posts
– Emapey Posts: my Cruzando el Charco blog Posts
– Profile: links to me, my blogs or my posts (including blogrolls), my Profiles, my old pages, sites, other.

I was inspired by fceblog.

Sabridv’s AboutMe is a great example of a Delicious eportfolio

Read more:
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  1. Timely post, Eduardo. I was just browsing my page and seeing the need for clean-up. I had also bookmarked Hellen Barret’s fantastic example of e-portfolio.
    Yet, if you say my page is inspirational, you’ve made my day.

  2. Thank you for including me in your post. I have found this method of recording my online work to be invaluable because of how easy it is. cheers Sarah

  3. Thanks Eduardo for including me in your post, but mainly for teaching me how to use delicious. A big THANK YOU!

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