Posted by: emapey | July 5, 2008

Working the Web 2.0 in Education

Interactive Web 2.0 technologies may help improve teaching and learning, as well as staff productivity. We have entered a second phase, dubbed “Web 2.0,” and it’s a whole new ball game. This next generation of web-based offerings is designed to foster collaboration and encourage interactive activities.

The shift toward user-generated content is having a major impact on education. Already the new version of the web is providing learning opportunities that just a decade ago were unimaginable. Educators are taking advantage of photo and video sharing services, podcasting, wikis, blogs, and other social software to instruct learners through the latest in internet technologies.

Although not specifically designed for classroom settings, such web-based technologies provide a fertile source for creating excitement among faculty and students. These technologies are not only useful for educational purposes, but for administrative processes as well.
Source: University Business


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