Posted by: emapey | July 4, 2008

Why Do Students Lose Enthusiasm About Formal Learning the More Time they Spend in our Schools?

I’d venture to say that 90 to 95 percent of school and school districts’ vision/mission statements probably have something in them about lifelong learning, lifelong learners, etc.

Now, let’s contrast this widespread phenomena with the fact that most students generally leave K-12 education with less enthusiasm for learning than when they entered. For example, most kindergarteners and first graders entering the system are excited, energized, engaged, and happy. Does this describe your district’s high school seniors? Do twelfth-graders exhibit the same love of learning – the same thrill of engagement with academic material – as when they entered the district 12 years previous? Probably not.

So what’s happening? An occasional inspiring teacher aside, why do students become more apathetic about formal learning the more time they spend in our schools? What is it about our educational system that (dare I say it?) beats the academic enthusiasm out of our children? Source: Techlearning Blog

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