Posted by: emapey | June 30, 2008

Using Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching – Where to Start?

Adina Sullivan asked at the Classroom 2.0 Forum where to direct colleagues who don’t know where to start using web based tools with students.

My recommendation was:

I would start by introducing faculty and students to I think it wouldn’t be so difficult for them to understand this tool, since they already know that their Browsers use Bookmarks and Favorites . I also would introduce them to tagging. Faculty and students will feel the need to know what others are bookmarking or commenting. Then I will introduce them to “my network” and sharing bookmarks. They will learn about networking and RSS feeds. Finally faculty and students will like to subscribe to the blogs they bookmarked. It is now then the time to teach them about Feed Readers, such as FeedRaider , Pageflakes, Netvibes or Bloglines. When students and teachers feel the need to write reviews of the bookmarks and posts they are bookmarking and the posts they are reading, I am sure they will like to start blogging themselves.

I also wrote:

You can also try to use the tools that faculty and students are already using. My sons use MSN Spaces all the time to save photos and videos an to share them with their friends. I think that Windows Live has more features. There should be no resistance to use these tools because they probably already are using them or have a MSN account (Messenger, Hotmail)

Lani Ritter Hall wrote an excellent post on this topic Where to begin–

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