Posted by: emapey | June 30, 2008

Remote Grading Poetry Readings from University Russian Students

Anna V. Filatova, teacher of American Literature at Moscow State University created a Public Poll to estimate her students’ poetry reading performances. She invited me to participate and submit my comments. It was fun to listen Russian students struggling with their English pronunciation, intonation, voice recording, music background. Most students did a good job! I am planning to interview them to learn what did those students felt when their teacher told them that their reading assignments were beeing reviewed by an international audience.

This is a great example of an innovative teacher using web technology for teaching

One of the most basic and powerful ways to increase student motivation to write and communicate is to change student perceptions of audience. Some students are motivated to write (and communicate) to please their teacher and earn a high grade, but that is not the case for everyone. Instead of asking students to write (and communicate) exclusively for an audience of one (the teacher) using (old) technology, teachers can now challenge students to publish for a global listening audience via a classroom podcast.
Source: Tools For The TEKS&lt


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