Posted by: emapey | June 30, 2008

List of Favorite Twitter Blog Posts

I created a list of the best blog posts I have read about Twitter to help others introduce Twitter to their friends:
- iAlja: What makes Twitters Tweet?
- What kind of Twitter User are You? | JR Farr
- How Darren Rowse Liberated My Facebook Account
- Make Tweet Love – Building Twitter Relationships – PR 2.0
- Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope
- Twitter: “pointless babble” or peripheral awareness + social grooming?
- Buzz Kill : LOL: The Life of Leo
- 5 Signs You’re Following Too Many People on Twitter
- The Hierarchy Of Tweets – Analysing The Psychology of Twitter
- on the danger of twitter : D’Arcy Norman dot net
- My Best Explanation of Twitter | SEMpdx Blog
- Twitter VS Facebook « Sabrina’s Weblog
- ELT notes: How do I tweet thee? Let me count the ways…
- on the power of banality : D’Arcy Norman dot net
- Tech Thoughts By Jen » 140 Characters Does Not A Friend Make….
- Clive Thompson on How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense
- What I learned from Twitter today – Teach42
- Twitter is Not a Micro-Blogging Tool – Mashable

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